Jim Snell

Jim can assist you with any questions you may have during your repairs, telephone our facility at 219 474 6656. Jim has some videos on YouTube as well. This is the link to our YouTube channel

Jim's bio:

Jim entered his first Trial event in the summer of 1973 on his Suzuki TS250 and was instantly hooked on the Sport of Observed Trials. Jim purchased a new 1974 TY250A that fall. In the spring of 1974 as a novice class entrant Jim won every Trials event he attended. After winning the Indiana Memorial Day weekend "Three-Day-Trial", he progressed to the advanced class. Jim began riding expert in the early 1980s and entered his first national event in 1986 at Hixton Wisconsin. Jim won his first National race in 1992. Since 1973, he has won twelve individual National Trial events, the 1993 SR35 National Championship, numerous regional championships, and countless local and regional events.

Photo of Jim riding a YAMAHA TY250A in 1976.

Photo of Jim riding a SWM TLNW125 in 1981.

Photo of Jim riding a YAMAHA TY350 in 1986.

Photo of Jim riding a MERLIN DG350 in 1988.

Photo of Jim riding a GASGAS GT25T in 1994 (SR35 USA Nr.1)

Photo of Jim riding a GASGAS TX320 in 1998.

Photo of Jim in 2004 at the Pennsylvania Motorama.

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